Sunset Scene

Sunset Lounge rises again, with California vibe and crafty cocktails

Sunset Lounge rises again, with California vibe and crafty cocktails

Sunset Lounge recently had some work done, both on the interior and the menu. At the recent grand opening party to celebrate all the newness, we were expecting a higher volume and bigger crowd. But perhaps a low-key affair better suited this laid-back Ross Avenue lounge.

"Isn't the neighborhood cool?" asked co-owner Kyle Noonan. "[Sunset Lounge] is very divey." 

Sunset Lounge may fit its eclectic, up-and-coming neighborhood, but the only "divey" thing about this 1960s California-inspired space were the pools of mango barbecue sauce and avocado ranch we couldn't wait to dive into. Well, that and a bowl of punch made with fresh citrus juices, rum and cognac. 

Joining Noonan and partner Josh Sepkowitz were Alex Hull, Stephanie Etter, Mallory Jensen, Jen Bertrand, Denette Vanek, Kelly Fordham, Richard Allen, Kate Presto, Bill Heckel and John Wheeler, who arrived ready to drink caipirinhas made with flavored vodka and dine on flash-fried plantain chips.

Renowned barman Eddie "Lucky" Campbell — recently appointed to oversee the bar program — wasn't on the scene. But that didn't deter anyone from sipping, noshing and mingling.

After the opening of Bowl & Barrel, Sunset Lounge and, soon, The Rustic, we can barely keep up with Noonan and Sepkowitz.

Josh Sepkowitz, John Wheeler
Josh Sepkowitz , John Wheeler Photo by Robert Bostick
Tara Foss, Sharon Smith
Tara Foss, Sharon Smith Photo by Robert Bostick
Richard Allen, Tracy Meester, Bill Carter
Richard Allen , Tracy Meester , Bill Carter Photo by Robert Bostick
Omar Khan, Jason Young, Christine Magee, Karl Krieger
Omar Khan , Jason Young , Christine Magee , Karl Krieger Photo by Robert Bostick
Sunset Lounge
The menu is written on a mosaic mirror wall.  Courtesy photo
Sunset Lounge
Guests sipped on fancy cocktails at the bar.  Photo by Robert Bostick
Sunset Lounge
A favorite on the new menu is flash-fried plantains. Photo by Robert Bostick
Austin Bertrand, Jen Bertrand, Denette Vanek
Austin Bertrand , Jen Bertrand , Denette Vanek Photo by Robert Bostick
Christina Chapa, Diana Alvarez
Christina Chapa, Diana Alvarez Photo by Robert Bostick
Kelly Fordham, Mallory Jensen, Christina Notzon
Kelly Fordham , Mallory Jensen , Christina Notzon Photo by Robert Bostick
Suzanne Loranc, Ashley Clark
Suzanne Loranc , Ashley Clark Photo by Robert Bostick