House of DIFFA 2016
Under the Big Top

Watch how the masters make magic at Dallas’ chicest circus shoot

Watch how the masters make magic at Dallas’ chicest circus shoot

Did you get tickets to House of DIFFA 2016? We certainly hope so, because the annual fundraising extravaganza for DIFFA/Dallas sold out in a flash, which means you may have to resort to begging your fabulous philanthropic friends to gift you a seat at their table.

If you aren’t going, we are not here to rub it in; we are here to offer a consolation prize: this video, for which we went on set with the talented photographers, makeup artists, and models recruited to bring the 2016 ad campaign to life. The shoot took place at Cedars Union last November, and we were there to watch the theme — Circo Rouge — come to life and to chat with the key players.

In this video, DIFFA/Dallas board chair emeritus Brittanie Buchanan Oleniczak and photographer Bode Helm talk about what it’s like to work on the annual ad campaign and how privileged they are to be a part of the nonprofit’s important work to serve those living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS in North Texas.

House of DIFFA 2016: Circo Rouge takes place May 21, 6 pm, at Omni Dallas hotel. You can ask to get on the wait list by emailing If we won't see you there, you can see visit the DIFFA/Dallas website and learn how to get involved or make a donation. Be sure and tell them we sent you.

House of DIFFA Circo Rouge
This year House of DIFFA has a Circo Rouge theme. Photo by Bode Helm