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Dallas brides and grooms of 2020 will fall hard for these 10 top wedding trends

Dallas brides and grooms of 2020 will fall hard for these 10 trends

florals_real weddings
In coming years, wedding arrangements will get more creative with the incorporation of unexpected elements. Photo courtesy of Cloud Creative Events
Hair accessories were a major trend at Spring 2020 Bridal Fashion Week.  Photo courtesy of Brides
Cake_Real weddings
Cakes are presented as works of art now. Photo courtesy of The Knot
dark palettes_ real Weddings
Color palettes will go to the dark side in 2020. Photo courtesy of Cloud Creative Events
interactive food_real weddings
Wedding pros predict couples will get more creative with their food presentation, experimenting with appetizer conveyor belts.  Photo courtesy of The Knot
self-serve_real wedding
Self-serve beverage bars are a wedding trend to watch for in 2020.  Photo courtesy of Th Knot
florals_real weddings
Cake_Real weddings
dark palettes_ real Weddings
interactive food_real weddings
self-serve_real wedding

The holidays have arrived, which means Instagram feeds full of engagement announcements have, too. While the last few years have been major for weddings — hello, Harry and Meghan, Nick and Priyanka — experts say the momentum will continue well into 2020.

For modern couples, whether they identify as classic or the very definition of unconventional, individuality is the name of the game. A growing number of brides and grooms are breaking free from tradition in lieu of celebrations that reflect their unique personalities, and according to industry professionals, this choose-your-own-adventure approach to wedding planning is here to stay.

From a focus on sustainability to out-of-the-box florals, these are the top 10 wedding trends to have on your radar in 2020.

The Knot cites “Green Vibes” as the top wedding trend of 2020. From repurposed florals and decor to meatless menus and charitable donations in place of party favors, couples will get creative in finding ways to reduce the environmental and ethical impact of their big day. 

Anti-bridal gowns
Ball gowns will always have their place. But now more than ever, there are myriad choices for brides who want something less traditional or simply want to wow in multiple looks throughout the day. According to Vogue, minimalist silhouettes, mini dresses, and high-low hems will be among 2020’s most popular looks.

Hair accessories
Whether brides keep it traditional or opt for an out-of-the-box wedding dress, they'll look on trend accessorizing their look with a headband, barrettes, or combs. Hair accessories are the new tiara, and, according to Brides magazine, they were the bridal trend du jour at Spring 2020’s Bridal Fashion Week.     

Cakes as art
Fondant-covered cakes as reception centerpieces are nothing new. What is new are the towering works of edible art that will be at weddings and all over Instagram in coming years. Edible flowers, dripped icing, and artistic brush strokes up the ante on the creativity factor of these cakes.

Dark color palettes
Dallas-based wedding planning and design firm Cloud Creative Events predicts a shift from classic white and cream-colored palettes to dark, edgy schemes featuring hues not traditionally seen at weddings. Rich burgundy, forest green, midnight blue, and black will be some of the most popular color choices. 

Nontraditional florals
It goes without saying: Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. Looking forward, arrangements will get more creative with the incorporation of unexpected elements like smoke bush, bougainvillea, or protea. Single-colored stems will also be popular in Insta-worthy installations that pack visual interest.

Next-level paper
Invitations, table place cards, and stationery get a little more personal with custom illustrations depicting everything from the wedding venue to the couples’ pets. Personalized patterns, bold colors, and pop-ups will also be popular, setting a playful tone for the whole celebration.

Registry redux
The days of registering for just skillets and sheets are long gone. In coming years, brides and grooms will use their registries to request everything from cash funds for their future home to luxurious honeymoon excursions and donations to their favorite charity.

Interactive food and drinks
For some, simple chicken, beef, or fish will not do. These menu-minded couples will get increasingly creative with their fare, experimenting with appetizer conveyor belts and build-your-own burger bars. Drinks are reimagined, too, with self-serve beer, wine, and cocktail bars from artful wall-mounted dispensers.

Inclusive menus
In addition to emphassizing the presentation of eats, more couples also are prioritizing inclusivity in their menu planning. Look for a wider range of cuisines to include options for vegetarians and those with allergies. Sips get the same treatment with the addition of non-alcoholic craft mocktails.