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American Airlines enlists Uber to make DFW travelers' lives easier

American Airlines enlists Uber to make DFW travelers' lives easier

DFW Airport
Getting in and out of here gets a little easier. Photo courtesy of Ibarra Engineers

American Airlines and Uber are partnering to help you get from Point A to Point B more easily. In this case, Point A is DFW Airport, and Point B is your home.

The two companies have streamlined service to and from the airport, by making it easier for you to locate the drop-off point for Uber rides, and by adding a reminder on your ticket for reservations.

A new feature called Uber's Ride Reminder is attached to the e-ticket confirmations that customers receive after booking a flight. They can click on the "Remind me to Uber" icon to set a reminder three hours before their flight time.

DFW is one of 11 airports across the country that have received a navigation update, which guides customers to the nearest Uber pickup location, says AMR spokeswoman Laura Nedbal.

"Previous airport maps made it hard to find taxi pickups," Nedbal says. "Now Uber has helped us to integrate into 11 of those maps where exactly your pickup location is."

Nedbal says that more of their customers are using Uber, so they wanted to find ways to make the process easier. The airline did focus groups, and customers said they wanted a more seamless Uber experience, both going to and coming from the airport.

"When you're at airport, it sometimes gets confusing where you need to go to meet the driver," Nedbal says. "We went back and found ways to get more specific about your location within the airport, by updating the airport maps to take you, step-by-step, on where to go from gate."

Other airports served include Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles LAX, JFK and LaGuardia in New York, and San Francisco International.

Uber has also partnered in various ways in the past with other airlines, including United, Virgin America, and KLM.