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Did you see the UFOs? Real story behind bright lights over Texas has some still seeing mystery

Geminids, meteor shower, falling stars, shooting stars
The Geminids meteor shower appears each year around December 6-18.
shooting star, meteor, December 2012
KHOU 11 News viewer Mary Bush took this photo about two minutes after the flash. Photo by Mary Bush/KHOU Houston/Channel 11
Geminids, meteor shower, falling stars, shooting stars
shooting star, meteor, December 2012

Early risers across Texas were met with a baffling sight in the sky Friday morning: through the fog, a blip of blinding light that reportedly flashed red and green and blue.

Was it an alien spacecraft? A sign of Doomsday? A bit of swamp gas?

 It was most likely an object from the Geminids meteor shower, which is usually best viewed on December 13-14.

Eyewitnesses from Dallas to Houston, as far west as Austin and as far east as Louisiana, described the light, which occurred sometime before 7 am, alternately as "a burst of green" or "a bright blue flash followed by a tail of smoke" that "looked similar to lightning flash" and even sounded to some like a "sonic boom."

It's most likely an object from the Geminids meteor shower, a meteorologist speculated for KHOU.

That celestial event has been recorded around this time every year since the 1860s, and although the best viewing is on December 13 and 14, observers can usually see meteors as early as December 6 in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Although this does seem the most plausible explanation, we're not content to give up hope the UFO theories. They are becoming increasingly common in Texas skies, after all. 

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