Michele Williams Verdict

Jury finds Keller black widow Michele Williams guilty of murdering her husband

Jury finds Keller black widow Michele Williams guilty of murder

After deliberating for seven hours, on September 29, a Tarrant County jury found Michele Williams guilty of murdering her husband, Greg Williams, and tampering with evidence. She was found not guilty of moving her husband's body.

Greg's family members filled the prosecution side of the courtroom, along with Michele's brother. They listened intently as the guilty verdict was read; Michele showed no emotion.

During their deliberations, jurors asked to see Michele's written statement, crime scene photos of the couple's Keller home and photos the medical examiner took of Greg's body. They also asked to inspect the gun with a yardstick.

The trial lasted a week. Michele's defense was that her husband killed himself. She did not testify.

During closing arguments, prosecutor Sheila Wynn dispelled any notion that Michele panicked after finding Greg dead from suicide and made a split-second decision to clean the scene. "This is calculation. This is thinking about it. This is covering up what really happened," Wynn said.

Wynn and co-counsel Jack Strickland broke down the different stories Michele told police — and CBS News 48 Hours — about the night Greg died. After initially telling authorities that an intruder killed her husband, she eventually said Greg committed suicide and she staged a home invasion.

As she was handcuffed and led away, Michele began to cry. The 45-year-old faces up to life in prison, and the punishment phase of her trial begins September 30.


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Michele Williams and Greg Williams on their wedding day
Michele and Greg Williams married in 2008. Photo courtesy of Keller Police Department
Michele Williams at trial
Michele Williams faces up to life in prison. Photo by Claire St. Amant
The Keller home of Greg and Michele Williams
The jury asked to see crime scene photos from the house where Greg Williams was killed. Photo courtesy of Keller Police Department