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Prosecution plays 48 Hours episode during Michele Williams murder trial

Prosecution plays 48 Hours episode in Michele Williams murder trial

The prosecution used clips from 48 Hours as its final piece of evidence in the murder trial of Michele Williams. CultureMap Dallas worked with CBS for the May 3 episode titled “Temptation in Texas.”

The 45-year-old mother of four is accused of shooting and killing her husband, Greg Williams, and wiping down the crime scene with bleach. Although her defense at trial is that Greg committed suicide, she previously told 48 Hours that an intruder killed him.

“Who shot Greg?” CBS correspondent Peter Van Sant asks.

“I have my assumptions, and that person is letting me sit here and take the blame,” Michele says.

Before the clips were played, Greg’s mother, Betty Middlebrooks, took the stand. Her emotionally fraught testimony shed light on Michele’s behavior after Greg’s death.

“She never called. I never heard from her. I kept thinking that I would, but I never did,” Betty said.

It was Michele’s decision to have Greg cremated, Betty said, but Michele didn’t take any steps to plan a funeral. After several weeks passed, Greg’s family held their own service, and Michele did not attend.

Betty wiped away tears when she was asked to identify a picture of her son. She called Greg “a computer genius” and said she was “a proud grandmother.”

The last time she spoke to Greg, Betty said he sounded upbeat about the future. She does not believe he would have committed suicide.

“He seemed very excited about the new house,” Betty said.

Michele and Greg were scheduled to close on their custom-built house the day after he was killed. Subsequent investigation of their mortgage application showed a fraudulent account was used to secure the loan, and prosecutors have argued that Michele killed Greg over money.

Other September 25 testimony focused on autopsy results, with numerous experts saying they believed Greg was shot at a distance between six inches and two feet and that he did not fire the gun himself.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner ruled Greg’s death a homicide in 2011.


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Michele Williams
Michele Williams told 48 Hours that an intruder killed her husband. Photo courtesy of 48 Hours
Michele Williams and Greg Williams on their wedding day
Michele and Greg Williams on their wedding day in 2008. Photo courtesy of Keller Police Department
Michele Williams is accused of murdering her husband
Greg Williams' murder was the subject of a 48 Hours episode. Photo courtesy of 48 Hours
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