Black Widow Sentenced

Keller black widow Michele Williams gets 60 years for husband's murder

Keller black widow Michele Williams gets 60 years for husband's murder

After deliberating for less than two hours, jurors sentenced Michele Williams to 60 years in prison for murder and 10 years for tampering with evidence. The sentences will be served concurrently. She had faced up to life in prison.

Michele, 45, shot and killed her husband, Greg Williams, in 2011. She initially told authorities that an intruder shot Greg, but later changed her story to say that her husband committed suicide — which was her defense at trial. She never took the stand.

Before deciding Michele’s fate, the jury listened to a variety of testimony about the convicted murderer's character. 

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office called a parade of witnesses to discuss Michele’s behavior while out on bond, including allegations of faking a pregnancy, tampering with her GPS monitor and taking a secret beach vacation with her boyfriend.

Michele could be eligible for parole in 30 years, when she will be 75 years old. A previous plea deal that Michele ultimately rejected would have put her away for just 18 years, with a possibility of parole after six.

"This circumstantial evidence case involved convoluted facts, strange twists and turns, and complicated questions of law," deputy chief district attorney Jack Strickland said in a statement. "The credit for this conviction and well-deserved sentence belongs to this conscientious and able jury."

In a powerful victim impact statement, Greg's mother, Betty Middlebrooks, spoke directly to Michele. "You destroyed your family as well as ours," Bettty said. 

Jurors wiped away tears as Betty continued. "Greg loved and trusted you with his business and his life. Now, Greg is gone and he'll never see his daughters grow up." 


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Michele Williams and Greg Williams on their wedding day
Michele and Greg Williams married in 2008. Photo courtesy of Keller Police Department
Michele Williams at trial
Michele Williams faced up to life in prison. Photo by Claire St. Amant
The Keller home of Greg and Michele Williams
The jury asked to see crime scene photos from the house where Greg Williams was killed. Photo courtesy of Keller Police Department