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Cracking the code on the new line of swimsuits from Plano-based JCPenney

Cracking the code on the new swimsuits from Plano-based JCPenney

JCPenney bathing suits
Are these bathing suits flirty, bold, or timeless? Courtesy of JCPenney

We're barely past the first day of spring but Plano-based JCPenney is already looking towards the summer with three new swimwear brands ready to roll.

The three new women's swimwear brands include Mynah, Decree, and Sonnet Shores, and a release says that each collection provides "functional comfort for the backyard, beach, or pool."

The release also says that, in the interest of body positivity, the brands are not intended for specific ages or body sizes, but rather individual styles.

OK that is very noble, but we still need help filtering here. If you look at their website, it looks like Mynah is young, Decree is middle/Juniors, and Sonnet Shores is older. Even the names. What young person is going to buy a bathing suit with a brand name "Sonnet Shores"?

Their website and Facebook page give more helpful adjectives:

  • Mynah: "stylish" "flirty and fun"
  • Decree: "bold and playful"
  • Sonnet Shores: "timeless style and unmistakable quality"

Your "timeless" is my "old."

Pinterest says that Mynah is designed for the woman with "a passion for fashion" and has a "distictly modern appeal." Modern = young.

Pinterest also has a blurb for Decree which it describes as "juniors clothing with ultra chic mini dresses, skinny jeans, blouses, corset camisoles, jeggings & more." See? "Juniors."

Pinterest has nothing to say about Sonnet Shores, but it's also the brand name that prominently features chiffon "cover-ups." We know what age group those are for.

Meanwhile, for Easter, JCPenney has new looks from longime labels St. John’s Bay, Worthington, and Stafford that include sheath dresses, lightweight jackets, and crisp tops and bottoms; and the recently revamped Liz Claiborne collection, which has been sold exclusively at JCPenney since 2009.