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Real Housewives of Dallas star bottles skincare elixirs that turn back time

Real Housewives of Dallas star bottles skincare that turns back time

Marie Reyes, founder of RAGS2Riches
Marie Reyes is on a mission to make women beautiful.  Photo courtesy of Marie Reyes

SkinSpaMed founder and Real Housewives of Dallas star Marie Reyes is on a mission to make women beautiful, four little beauty products at a time. The former model and skincare expert is releasing the luxury skincare line RAGS2Riches.

RAGS stands for Retinol, Antioxidants, Growth Factor, and Sun Protection, which are the four pillars of the program and, according to Reyes, are designed to work together to even out skin tone, remove fine lines, improve texture, and stimulate collagen in the skin's subdermal layers. She’s so sure of the results, in fact, that she’s offering a 100 percent guarantee, or your money back.

“It took me over two years working with various manufacturers and compounding facilities to get the formulas right, and to test the products on real women so that we could show customers dramatic six-month before and after pictures and provide testimonials,” Reyes says. “If you follow my four-step process, and use the four products as directed, you will absolutely see dramatic improvements in your skin's appearance.”

In addition to owning medical spa and laser clinic SkinSpaMed, Reyes is a registered nurse and former model. Over the years, she created a skincare regimen for herself that was a combination of products from various manufacturers. She eventually decided to launch RAGS2Riches, though, after receiving so many inquiries from clients as to how she kept her skin in such good shape.

“My patients always asked me what I used at home to keep my skin looking great,” she says. “I told them about my skin care odyssey, and it dawned on me that I could offer my patients, and anyone else who wanted them, my four-product mix.” 

The system consists of the Retinol Crème de la Crème, a retinol cream exfoliant designed to build collagen, accelerate cell turnover, and brighten skin; the Antioxidant Super-Charged Serum, designed to fight damaging free radicals and help prevent skin aging at a cellular level; the Growth Factor Peptide Rich Complex, which consists of more than 53 amino acids and works to prep the skin by renewing and replenishing it; and lastly, the Sun Defense Tinted SPF 31, an advanced anti-aging, anti-acne, pigment-reducing formula with intuitive color-correction technology.

The entire system can be purchased for $546, however products are sold individually. And if you're thinking of buying just one thing, go for the G — as in the Growth Factor.

“[In addition to the] 53 amino acids, it’s packed full of other medical-grade level ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce the effects and appearance of aging in your skin. It is a time capsule in a bottle.”

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