Chocolate All the Ways

Uptown Dallas lounge shows us so many awesome ways to eat chocolate

Uptown Dallas lounge shows us so many awesome ways to eat chocolate

Sablon Chocolate Lounge in Uptown Dallas
Photo courtesy of Sablon

A chocolate lounge specializing in hot chocolate is carrying the sweet banner in Uptown Dallas' West Village. Called Sablon Chocolate Lounge, it's in the spot Pinkberry vacated in October 2015, at 3839 McKinney Ave.

In addition to hot chocolate, it also serves iced chocolate as well as milkshakes, desserts, and coffee drinks.

Hot chocolate comes in nine flavors, including chocolate-mint, nougat, tiramisu, and even a strawberry. The iced chocolate is kind of like a Frappuccino, in flavors that include caramel, nutty chocolate, and iced espresso.

The milkshakes are rich and kitschy, whether in exotic varieties such as Dutch truffle cake and Ferrero Rocher (named for the Italian chocolate-hazelnut candy), or American classics such as Oreo, Snickers, and M&M.

There are Belgian waffles and fondues, cheesecake and creme brûlée. One unusual offering is a trio of chocolate pizzas, in chocolate-nut, banana-marshmallow, and chocolate-peanut flavors. And then there's a sundae with two brownies that goes for $15.

Prices here are not cheap, but the free ganache samples are a nice touch.

Sablon also does its own chocolates, in boxes of nine and 12, in combinations such as chocolate with almond and chocolate with cashew. An employee said that he wasn't sure of the brand of chocolate that was being used.

"It comes in blocks, and our selection is limited because we make it here," he said.

The chocolate lounge was opened in January by Gauri F&B, a company based in Richardson.