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New Grand Prairie restaurant does Korean spin on Dallas fave: corndogs

New Grand Prairie restaurant does Korean spin on Dallas fave: corndogs

Two Hands Korean Corn Dog
So many corndogs from which to choose. Photo courtesy of Two Hands

Once a State Fair tradition, corndogs have become a year-round thing in Dallas, and the latest newcomer gives it a Korean twist: Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs is a national concept specializing in Korean style street corn dogs, and will open its first area location at the Asia Square Market in Grand Prairie.

A spokesman from Two Hands confirmed that the restaurant will open on March 27.

Two Hands was founded in 2020 in Virginia, where they opened their first location in Centerville. They're a franchise operation and currently have locations in Houston and Arizona. More are in the works including a location in Maryland, opening in 2021.

The message on their website is as follows:

Corn dog is an everywhere menu in America, but Two Hands is capturing Americans' taste buds with Korean style hot dog on a stick menus that has not been seen or tasted anywhere. This is what CNP of Korea does the best.

Their menu is pretty basic, featuring variously encased hot dogs, a fried potato side, and two drinks. The hot dog lineup is as follows:

  • Two Hands Dog with signature seasoning and Ranch sauce
  • Spicy Dog, with spicy sauce and Hot Cheetos powder
  • Potato Dog, with a corn dog wrapped in fried potato cubes, with "dirty" sauce
  • Crispy Rice Dog, with a corn dog wrapped in crispy rice puffs
  • Classic Dog, a classic Korean Style corn dog with ketchup and mustard
  • Injeolmi Dog, which has bean powder and Two Hands sweet sauce

There's also an American dog which they describe as "a State Fair-style corn dog with cornmeal batter," which they say is coming soon.

The standard is a beef sausage. But you can substitute mozzarella cheese, or a combination of sausage & mozzarella, or half mozzarella & half cheddar. A spicy beef sausage is in the works, also coming soon.

"Dirty fries" are Tater-Tot-like potato puffs topped with Dirty sauce and Cheetos powder.

They have two slushy style drinks: lemonade and horchata. And that's your menu.

The first to bring Korean-style hot dogs to Dallas-Fort Worth was Frank Seoul, which opened at Frisco Ranch in mid-2020 with a broader menu that also includes noodle bowls, coffee drinks, and ice cream.

Two Hands joins an expansive slate of eateries at Asia Times Square that includes sushi, ramen, matcha beverages, and ice cream.

Dallas' corndog scene now includes Corn Dog With No Name with locations in northwest Dallas and Preston Center; and the ones who started it all, Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs, who were previously available during State Fair season only but are now a regular presence via pop-ups at events such as Market Days in Flower Mound at Circle R Ranch, where they'll be on March 27-28.