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Downtown Dallas gets a slice at new Mad Pie pizzeria in Victory Park

Downtown Dallas gets a slice at new Mad Pie pizzeria in Victory Park

Mad Pie pizza
Their pizzas promise to be fresh and creative. Photo by Mad Pie

If you haven't already heard, pizza is one of the big Dallas restaurant success stories to emerge during the pandemic and today is your lucky day, with news of a new one: Called Mad Pie, it's opening in Victory Park, at 2420 Victory Park Ln., where PopBar used to be, and will open in mid-May.

Mad Pie will possess many of the traits that people find quintessential to a pizzeria: It will do New York-style pizza, and will offer the option of getting it by the slice.

It'll also have a creative aspect, one that feeds into the restaurant's name, says founder Bao Tran.

"The name 'Mad Pie' is like a mad scientist's lab," he says. "We'll have a set menu with some of the basic pizzas that you expect, but we're also going to be doing a lot of conceptual and deconstructed pizzas."

One idea: a Vietnamese banh mi pizza.

"We'll take all of the signature ingredients of the sandwich — pate, pickled daikon and carrot, cilantro — and transform it into a pizza," he says. "Each month we'll have a specialty pizza that will give us the opportunity to do something creative."

Even their "basic" pizzas will be made using fresh and interesting ingredients such as the AA, with alfredo sauce, artichokes, and fresh spinach topped with their special cheese blend.

Other pizza options on their regular menu include:

  • The Mad Pie, with all the meats: Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, and bacon
  • The Dallas Star, with all those meats plus all the veggies: red onion, black olive, bell pepper, and mushrooms
  • The Maverick, a BBQ pizza with brisket, red onion, BBQ sauce, and cheddar cheese
  • The Victory, a veggie pizza with red onion, black olive, bell pepper, mushrooms, and artichoke
  • The Maderita, their tricked-up version version of a margherita with basil, roma tomato, olive oil, oregano, and mozzarella cheese

The chef is Long Nguyen, who will help create some of the monthly specials and refine their dough recipe.

"The crust will be New York-style, thin and a little chewy but crisp — not a sloppy pizza," Tran says.

They'll also have salads and eventually will add a few Italian dishes like lasagna, as well as cute bistro tables on the sidewalk in front.

They're highly attuned to the needs of the neighborhood, offering services that include takeout and late-night hours on weekends, as well as hours during games and events.

"When people come to a game, they may not want a whole pizza, but want something convenient, like a slice, that's a quick bite to eat," Tran says. "We're looking to fill that pizza void."