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New coffee house brews cup of hipness for trending-up Duncanville

New coffee house brews cup of hipness for trending-up Duncanville

Boomtown Coffee latte
Hope you like your coffee black and bitter. Courtesy photo

A new coffee shop with a sassy name is coming soon to downtown Duncanville. Called Black & Bitter Coffee and Books, it's at 100 Main St., in part of a building being refurbished by thoughtful developer Monte Anderson, and will open at the end of May.

Owner is Bryan Kaeser, a familiar name to the Dallas craft beer world: He was the founding owner of Dallas Beer Kitchen, the craft beer-centric restaurant bar on Greenville Avenue, which closed in 2018.

At Black & Bitter Coffee and Books, he's bringing together some of his favorite things.

"This is a passion project," Kaeser says. "I love the smell of coffee and books, the taste of different coffees from around the world, and the sense of community a coffee shop and bookstore can provide."

It'll also fill a niche currently not filled.

"There's so much energy and growth in this area, but as far as a coffee scene, there isn't much in the area outside of Cedar Hill," he says.

For beans, he's partnered with Counter Culture Coffee, the North Carolina company whose coffee beans are nationally renowned. They'll also offer pastries from La Casita, including a variety of croissants, cruffins, and scones, such as spinach and feta.

Their beverage lineup will include coffee, espresso drinks, green teas, and unique concoctions, such as a latte with cardamom and rose syrup; the "mojito madness" with green tea, mint, lime, and topo chico; and a CBD latte with CBD oil, ginger, and lemongrass.

They'll do all the on-trend options, including a nitro cold brew and almond milk for nondairy customers.

The location itself is about 400 square feet, but it comes with a 500-square-foot patio. One other cool thing they're doing at the location is projecting music videos to match the shop's background music, via an 8-foot projector, which you can feel free to enjoy or ignore. "It's kind of like having MTV on the wall," he says.