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Where to drink in Dallas right now: 5 frozen cocktails for a boozy brain freeze

Where to drink in Dallas now: 5 cocktails for a boozy brain freeze

Sno-cone cocktails at Bowen House
Adult sno-cones are custom-made at Bowen House. Photo by Susie Oszustowicz
Frozen Stoli Crush at The Eberhard
The Eberhard's Frozen Stoli Crush is made with Tropical Red Bull. Taylor S./Yelp
Houston, Moxies G.T. cocktail, November 2017
How do you improve upon a gin and tonic? Freeze it like Moxie's Grill & Bar does, of course. Courtesy photo
Peach Blossom daiquiri at Cajun Tailgators
Cajun Tailgators has many daiquiris, like the seasonal Peach Blossom. Photo by Ashley Tobar
Sno-cone cocktails at Bowen House
Frozen Stoli Crush at The Eberhard
Houston, Moxies G.T. cocktail, November 2017
Peach Blossom daiquiri at Cajun Tailgators

Sometimes, the only way to cool down during a scorching Texas summer is with something frozen, and if that something frozen is steeped in alcohol, well, all the better.

Some spots have been serving up innovative, icy cocktails for several seasons (Quarter Bar has its Booze Pops, Double Wide does the Yoohoo Yeehaw, the Grapevine Bar squeezes out Everclear-laced bellinis, and The Rustic stuck sangria popsicles into its margaritas right from the get-go), but others have either been flying under the radar or are just now venturing into frozen territory.

If you're looking to get a boozy brain freeze somewhere new, order up at these joints.

Bowen House, custom sno-cone cocktails
In the spring it was popsicles for this Uptown cocktail den, now, this summer, it's sno-cones. Pick the liquor of your choice, and then 1 ounce is poured over condensed and crushed ice with your choice of flavor: mixed berry, rose, orange, blackberry, peach, or pamplemousse, to name a few.

Cajun Tailgators, Peach Blossom daiquiri
It's not New Orleans without a daiquiri, so of course this Dallas Farmers Market restaurant has a handful on its menu. The Zulu Punch is a blend of a Hurricane and fresh melon and the Purple Haze combines "Voodoo coconut, lime juice, and razzberry," but the Peach Blossom is special for the summer.

Earls Kitchen+Bar, frozen pink lemonade
This upscale Canadian chain just opened its first Texas location at the new Legacy West development in Plano, with beverage director Cameron Bogue heading up the cocktail list. While Earls's shareable margaritas are tempting, go with the frozen pink lemonade for a tart surprise: Skyy vodka, pink citrus, lavender, and fresh lemon.

The Eberhard, Frozen Stoli Crush
If wine makes you sleepy, perhaps you just need to start adding Red Bull. That's what you'll find in this eye-catching cocktail from this Knox-Henderson restaurant, which tops Stoli Orange, white wine, peach puree, and tropical Red Bull with a wine-infused popsicle.

Moxie's Grill & Bar, The G.T. and frozen vodka soda
Love the classics but still want to get in on the frozen trend? Get thee to The Crescent, where the first American outpost of this Canadian chain (another one!) has taken your standby orders of vodka soda and gin and tonic and turned them slushy with frozen citrus.