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Dog Haus in Richardson goes beyond the expected with daring new tenders

Dog Haus in Richardson goes beyond expected with daring new tenders

Beyond chicken tenders
Mmm, crispy, spicy, and planty. Dog Haus

A restaurant that's kind of famous for serving meat is trying something new, something daring, something dare-I-say provocative: Dog Haus, known for gourmet hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and a chicken sandwich called the Bad Mutha Clucka, is adding new menu items that are plant-based. Gasp.

These are cutting-edge not only because they are plant-based, but also because they feature Beyond Chicken Tenders, the newest product from Beyond Meat, famous for its plant-based burger.

Beyond Chicken Tenders are crafted to look, cook, and taste like traditional chicken tenders, breaded crispy on the outside, and tender within. They're made from plant-based ingredients without GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, or cholesterol.

These new tenders are currently available at only a few places. Dog Haus is one.

They'll be serving the following plant-based creations:

  • Beyond Bad Mutha Clucka – Crispy fried Beyond Chicken tenders, lettuce, pickles, and miso ranch, served on King's Hawaiian rolls
  • Beyond The Hot Chick – Nashville-style fried Beyond Chicken Tenders, pickles, Haus slaw, and secret sauce, served on King's Hawaiian rolls

Dog Haus will also offer Beyond Chicken Tenders solo, if you wish to eschew the fixings.

All items will be available in-store, online and on the Dog Haus App, starting August 9.

Diners can also try offshoots via The Absolute Brands, a restaurant group comprised of Dog Haus and multiple unique concepts, inspired by Dog Haus' menu and served out of their existing locations and ghost kitchens.

Two of their virtual concepts – Bad Mutha Clucka and Jailbird  – will also offer Beyond Chicken Tenders. These are available only via third-party delivery.

  • Bad Mutha Clucka will offer all of its fried chicken sandwich creations with the Beyond Chicken Tenders option
  • Jailbird will serve Crispy Fried Beyond Chicken Tenders with choice of tender flavor

Dog Haus Partner Hagop Giragossian says he and his partners Quasim Riaz and André Vener have always been on board with plant-based options including Beyond Meat burgers and plant-based sausages.

"Ever since Quasim, Andre, and I opened the very first Dog Haus in 2010, we've offered plant-based items for our guests," Giragossian says. "Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, Dog Haus provides the same dining experience by serving a wide variety of delicious plant-based protein creations. We’ve been proud partners of Beyond Meat for years, so we can’t wait to debut more innovative offerings featuring another one of their premium products."

Dog Haus is not the only concept best known for serving meat to have recently added plant-based offerings: Steakhouse chain Fleming's is doing an innovative plant-based wine dinner series this summer, featuring plant-based versions of some of their classic dishes. The plant-based train is leaving the station, people, you don't want to get left behind.