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Deep Ellum BBQ joint Pecan Lodge suffers fire in the smokehouse

Deep Ellum BBQ joint Pecan Lodge suffers fire in the smokehouse

Pecan Lodge
Pecan Lodge barbecue. Photo courtesy of Pecan Lodge

Deep Ellum BBQ joint Pecan Lodge sustained a small fire on August 31 in the smokehouse, and it was not the good kind of fire.

But phew, it wasn't serious, and the restaurant noted for its fine brisket did not burn down.

According to owner Diane Fourton, a cart used by the restaurant to "haul things around" ignited, and the fire department was called.

"It's a cart we use to bus tables," she says. "Parts of it are made of flammable materials. For some reason, it was in the smokehouse. I don't know why; I wasn't in the restaurant, but apparently it caught fire."

Pecan Lodge opened in Deep Ellum in May after leaving its location at Dallas Farmers Market earlier in the month.

The fire was spotted and called in by Corey Howe, a member of the band Dead Flowers.

Fourton, who is out of town with her family, said that the fire department dispatched the fire quickly. "I talked to my manager, and he said that everything is fine," she says.

The restaurant, which is not only one of Texas Monthly's top 50 barbecue joints but also features one of Dallas' top 10 quintessential dishes and is one of Dallas' best restaurants where you can stand in line, will be closed on Labor Day.