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Deep Ellum nightclub swings for the stars with dramatic reopening

Deep Ellum nightclub swings for the stars with dramatic reopening

The Nines, Deep Ellum
The Nines in Deep Ellum celebrated its opening with aerial hoop performances. Photo by Jerry McClure

Deep Ellum nightclub Red Light Lounge has closed and reemerged as a "counterculture club" called The Nines, which celebrated its opening with a party on September 3.

Red Light was the short-lived spin-off of the Lizard Lounge that opened in 2014 at 2911 Main St., where previous tenants included Eden Lounge and Santiago Cantina.

A play on the phrase "dressed to the nines," The Nines boasts a main room and a rooftop patio, each offering different music, from techno to cold wave to Italo to synth music.

Owner Allen Falkner also owns the Fade Fast tattoo removal shop on Main Street, which seems like a perfect companion business to The Nines. Photos of the opening event depict numerous clientele sporting tattoos. Surely a percentage of those will want to remove those tattoos down the road.

New features include a revamped bar with craft cocktails and local brews, and a new kitchen with a menu of small bites coming in the fall, from chef Margaret Alvis, formerly of Trio New American Cafe.

In a release, Falkner says that change is an evolution. "We want to keep the bar eclectic like its neighborhood," he says.