Dessert Closure

One of Dallas' most visually stunning dessert shops is closing

One of Dallas' most visually stunning dessert shops is closing

Their desserts were often rendered in otherworldly colors. Photo courtesy of Sweet Daze

One of the most visually stunning and internet-savvy dessert shops in town is closing: Sweet Daze Dessert Bar, known for its mastery of dessert trends such as black ice cream and trippy unicorn-colored treats, will be closing their storefront on the weekend of September 18-19.

Located at 581 W Campbell Rd. in Richardson, their lease is ending, and founder-owner Holly Nguyen decided not to renew.

Nguyen also co-owns OMG Tacos and works in real estate development on the side. She reached a point where it became too much.

"Sweet Daze is a very time-consuming niche business that doesn't allow me to have time for anything else since I run it by myself, with no partners or investors, just my team," she says. "I haven't had a real day off in six years, and I'm just burnt out and need a break."

Nguyen started Sweet Daze as a passion project when she was 24, with little dessert experience but an absolute knack for knowing what resonated with a growing young audience tuned in to social media.

She crafted jaw-droppingly beautiful desserts rendered in otherworldly colors, then posted photos of her creations — which embodied all of the very hottest trends — on her Instagram page. In her four-year tenure, she amassed an amazing 117,000 followers from around the world.

She initially hoped to close on Friday September 17, but is extending her hours through the weekend, to accommodate faithful customers who can't get to the shop on a weekday.

She won't be doing custom orders once she closes, since the entire team is moving on to other ventures. "Baking was a hobby for all of us," she says.