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California shaved snow concept opens first Texas shop in Frisco

California shaved snow concept opens first Texas shop in Frisco

Sul & Beans
Shaved ice in a matcha green tea version. Photo courtesy of Sul & Beans

A California dessert company has opened its first shop in Texas, where it's doing fluffy, creamy shaved ice.

Sul & Beans is a Korean café specializing in bingsoo (finely shaved ice with sweet toppings) and dessert toasts. It opened in mid-September at 9292 Warren Pkwy. in Frisco Ranch.

"Sul & Beans adds to an already strong lineup of Asian-influenced restaurateurs and retailers that have landed in our development," says John Nguyen, VP at NewQuest, who along with partner Heather Nguyen, leases Frisco Ranch for the Houston-based developer.

Other treat shops at the center include SomiSomi Soft Serve & Taiyaki; T-Swirl Crepe; and 85° C Bakery & Café.

Sul & Beans was launched in 2014 by Matt Kim in Los Angeles' Koreatown. Bingsoo, which means "snow" in Korean, is a frozen ice shaved so finely that its texture is frequently compared to snow.

Kim took it to the next level by using organic ingredients and creative twists that a release says appeal to Millennials as well as traditional bingsoo connoisseurs.

Sul & Beans also serves beverages, pastries, and delicacies such as injeolmi toast, AKA Korean honey rice cake toast sandwich.

There are now five stores in California, and more are coming to Texas.

The store has 1,031 square feet with a modern design inspired by the traditional Korean architecture of Hanok.

Nguyen says that Sul & Beans represents their strategy to import concepts that aren't already in the DFW market.

"We really pitch Texas to West Coast and Asian brands because there's such a large demand from families who have moved here and yearn for something familiar," he says.