Quintessential Dallas Eats

Dallas fine-dining restaurant serves millions of this irresistible dish

Dallas fine-dining restaurant serves millions of this iconic dish

Every city has its dining traditions, the dishes locals hold dear and declare must-trys to visitors. Although new favorites emerge every day, some have withstood the test of time.

Such is the case with the lobster shooters at Abacus, one of Dallas’ top fine-dining restaurants. They are as popular today as they were when the restaurant opened 17 years ago, says chef-owner Kent Rathbun.

For this first episode of a new video series called Quintessential Eats — inspired by this list of dishes all Dallasites must eat before they die — we sat down with Rathbun to learn the secret to this dish’s appeal. And to shoot a few back, of course, because there is a proper way of eating the fried lobster dumpling served in a sake cup.

Rathbun predicts they have made about 2 million of these lobster shooters over the years. Here’s hoping they make it to 2 million more.

Lobster shooters at Abacus restaurant in Dallas
The lobster shooters at Abacus is one of Dallas' most iconic dishes. Photo courtesy of Abacus