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Dallas diners can toast Greenville Avenue’s trendiest restaurant yet

Dallas diners can toast Greenville Avenue’s trendiest restaurant yet

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen
Dallas now has a restaurant dedicated to toast. Toasted Coffee + Kitchen/Facebook

A restaurant specializing in the trendiest of trends, toast, has opened in Dallas. Toasted Coffee + Kitchen, located at 5420 Ross Ave. at the intersection of Greenville Avenue, has the basics necessary for toast, namely breads and spreads.

There are also cocktails and coffee.

For now, the restaurant is serving a limited menu until they figure out what people want. Additional toasts and sandwiches will be added in the next few weeks.

But worry not, they have avocado toast, the prototypical toast. It comes on rye bread, with sriracha sauce. There's a toast with avocado-chocolate ganache, Brie, and pecans. Another toast has black bean spread, avocado, egg, queso fresco, and bacon. There is also an actual grilled cheese sandwich, i.e., with two slices of bread, not just one, with fontina, oaxaca, and butter cream cheese.

A release says that the drinks are no joke. This is good news, because you can't drink a joke. Coffee and espresso features Noble Coyote beans, and there are cocktails, beer, wine, and Moscow mule on tap. Moscow mule on tap, is that a joke?

The kitchen is open, and there's an in-house bakery.

Hours include mornings, from 7 am-8 pm, Monday through Friday; and 8 am-8 pm Saturday and Sunday.