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These are the 8 can't-miss shows in Dallas-Fort Worth theater for February

These are the 8 can't-miss shows in DFW theater for February

Something Grim(m) at Dallas Theater Center
Get ready to go on a journey with Dallas Theater Center's Something Grim(m). Dallas Theater Center/Facebook
Kitchen Dog Theater presents Last Ship to Proxima Centauri
Greg Lam's sci-fi dark comedy gets its world premiere at Kitchen Dog Theater. Photo by Jordan Fraker
In Search of the Sublime at Stage West
Go In Search of the Sublime with Stage West. Photo by Evan Michael Woods
Something Grim(m) at Dallas Theater Center
Kitchen Dog Theater presents Last Ship to Proxima Centauri
In Search of the Sublime at Stage West

UPDATE: Kitchen Dog Theater's streaming production of Last Ship to Proxima Centauri has been rescheduled to March 5-21. Dallas Theater Center's production of Something Grim(m) will now open on March 18.


If Netflix and chill is getting old, try putting on a streaming play — you'll actually want to pay attention. This month, there are world premieres, variety shows, interactive experiments, and even a reprise from one of the most entertaining solo performers ever. Two of these picks are also in-person, with plenty of social distancing and creativity.

Here are eight local shows to watch this month:

Bennett & Babs: The Songs of Tony Bennett and Barbra Streisand
Casa Mañana, February 9-14
Presented in the Reid Cabaret on the Mainstage, Bennett & Babs features Broadway veterans Jackie Burns and Joe Cassidy as two of the world's most iconic performers. Hum along to tunes like "The Lady Is a Tramp," "The Way We Were," and "Don't Rain on My Parade" while ordering drinks tableside and enjoy a socially distanced evening. Tickets start at $65 and can be purchased here.

Before You Get Married
Bishop Arts Theatre Center, streaming February 11-March 12
Franky D. Gonzalez's play explores the relationship between siblings on the night before the sister's wedding, with the knowledge they may not be related. With the passing night and flowing wine, both siblings struggle to understand what they mean to each other as they reveal secrets of the past and explore the desires of two people at once impossibly connected and separated. Tickets are $18-$28 and can be purchased here or by calling 214-948-0716.

Ghosts in the Kitchen: The Romantic Night
Ochre House Theatre, streaming February 11-28
The avant garde Deep Ellum troupe has created a new series of storytelling through virtual theater, as written and told by core company members Carla Parker, Justin Locklear, Kevin Grammer, and Matthew Posey, filmed and directed by Josh Jordan, and with music by Locklear and Sarah Rubio- Rogerson. First up is The Romantic Night, written and performed by Posey. Athalgarde Christhelmet walks home from his favorite bar, The Rustic Inn, and loses his way and himself in a baffling boozy world. Chance, misfortune, visitations of an angry God, and chaos marble a journey into a secret and wondrous night of a self-destructive boozer who finds redemption by sheer luck. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here or by calling 214-826-6273.

Love Sucks – An Anti-Valentine’s Day Special
Amphibian Stage, streaming February 13-20
Created to make sure all of us who hate Valentine's Day know we are not alone, the online variety show will take a tongue-in cheek approach to the holiday. Hosted by Broadway veteran Eric Jon Mahlum, the show will feature tales of bad romance from comics Lauren Davis, Erin Harper, Dante Martinez, MK Paulsen, and Hannah Vaughan; a drag performance from Kylee O’Hara Fatale; and more. Audiences should be ready for anything — except the usual Valentine's fare of cheap champagne and teddy-bears. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased here or by calling 817-923-3012.

Something Grim(m)
Dallas Theater Center, February 20-March 6
This creative journey inspired by Grimm's fairytales is a self-guided walking tour through various locations, starting in the Lexus Silver parking garage and then moving around the exterior of the Wyly Theatre. The production will include comic strips, pop-up story books, and pre-recorded video and audio elements, and was created specifically for this cast and this location. Tickets are $17.50-$35 and can be purchased here.

In Search of the Sublime
Moonrise Initiative and Stage West, streaming February 23-March 25
Written and directed by Kara-Lynn Vaeni and created by Victoria Cruz, Olivia de Guzman, Shyama Nithiananda, Galen Sho Sato, Garret Storms, Kelsey Milbourn, and Mitchell Stephens, this interactive, live, online experience is part poem, part story, and part something else altogether. Using suggestions from the online audience, the cleansing power of running, and some truly excellent music, you join in weaving together tales of terror and awe in a concerted effort to achieve The Sublime. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here or by calling 817-784-9378.

The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac
UndermainTheatre, streaming February 24-March 14
Clad in exotic dress and sequined makeup, Taylor Mac brings this showcase of work to the stage with a multitude of costumes and props from a giant suitcase and self-accompaniment on the ukulele and mandolin. This virtual stream of the 2010 solo performance, filmed by Katherine Owens, is available only to season subscribers. Subscriptions can be purchased here or by calling 214-747-5515.

Last Ship to Proxima Centauri
Kitchen Dog Theater, streaming February 25-March 14
In Greg Lam's dark science-fiction comedy (a world premiere!), the earth has become uninhabitable. The last escape ship arrives at its new home centuries after all the others. The passengers are not prepared for what they find there: A planet full of unimpressed people of color who are not happy to see them. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here or by calling 214-953-1055.