The Year of Queen Bey

Beyoncé joins Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey on list of World's Most Powerful Women

Beyoncé makes Forbes list of World's Most Powerful Women

Beyonce in concert white costume
Beyoncé Knowles ranked No. 17 on Forbes' list of "The World's Most Powerful Women 2013." Photo by Yosra El-Essawy

Beyoncé may not run a country like German chancellor Angela Merkel or serve at the top of a Fortune 500 company like Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, but the Houston-born pop singer has enough clout for a spot on the Forbes 2013 roundup of "The World's Most Powerful Women."

Among the top 100 female politicians, philanthropists, CEOs and billionaires, Queen Bey took No. 17 — the highest-ranked performer on the annual list. Forbes analysts looked at the money, media presence and impact of more than 250 eligible candidates worldwide to determine the ranking. 

This has undoubtedly been Beyoncé's year: She's everywhere from Pepsi ads to presidential events, dropping singles and making headlines and entertaining fans on The Mrs. Carter World Tour, which kicked off last month in Europe. 

Other notables on the list include Merkel at No. 1, First Lady Michelle Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton at Nos. 4 and 5, Oprah Winfrey at No. 13 and Angelina Jolie at No. 37, media mavens Anna Wintour and Arianna Huffington at Nos. 41 and 56, and fashionistas Tory Burch at No. 69 and Diane von Furstenberg at No. 74.

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