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New garden shop blooming near Dallas Arboretum has curious ties

New garden shop blooming near Dallas Arboretum has curious ties

Curious Garden
Curious Garden is a gardening antique store that will open across from the Dallas Arboretum. Photo via eBay

The "curious" empire grows when Jason Cohen, owner of vintage shop Curiosities, expands into the plant world with Curious Garden, an antiques store focused on garden-themed items. Located at 8920 Garland Rd., the store is slated to open in mid-March.

Cohen, who recently set the antiques world on fire with an estate sale he organized on Vickery Boulevard, says the new store reflects his interests and the objects he's found himself collecting lately.

"I've been hoarding garden stuff and working with some designers to create some garden statues and other interesting stuff to fill the place," he says. "Lately, I really like that kind of stuff. We'll also offer landscaping services, since my wife is a landscaping architect. And our current store is so jam-packed with stuff, it just seems like a good time and place."

Merchandise will include vintage garden objects, furniture, statues, farm implements, and more.  Cohen is also designing one-of-a-kind "bottle trees," industrial tables, statues, and metal planters.

The space they're going into was, fittingly enough, called Curiosity Corner, an antiques shop that specialized in estate-sale type merchandise. It was in that location for decades.

"It was owned by a family and closed a couple years ago after the parents passed away," Cohen says. "We liked that it had a similar name."

He notes that with the city's recent renovation of the White Rock Lake spillway and the overall prosperity of the real estate market, Garland Road is heating up, with new businesses such as the ice cream store from Hypnotic Donuts.

"That whole arboretum and Garland Road area is changing very dramatically and quickly. There's a lot of action over there right now," he says.