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Here's one more trendy ice cream shop rolling into Dallas' Deep Ellum

Here's one more trendy ice cream shop rolling into Dallas' Deep Ellum

Let's Roll Ice Cream
The only verb you can use for this ice cream is rolls. Photo courtesy of Let's Roll

It's more rolled ice cream for everyone — or at least for the people of Dallas' Deep Ellum, where a growing new concept called Let's Roll Ice Cream will open a new shop this fall.

Let's Roll will open at 3101 Commerce St., at the corner of Hall Street, in the location previously occupied by WhichWich Sandwiches.

According to a spokesperson, the Deep Ellum location is slated to open in late September.

There's also a second location coming to Frisco, with location and opening date still TBD.

Let’s Roll Ice Cream serves ice cream rolls, mixed to order on an iced grill with fruits and other toppings.

Ice cream rolls are like a futuristic version of Coldstone Creamery, where an ice cream mix is poured over an icy cold disc until it freezes, then rolled into eye-catching pinwheels and doused with toppings.

Also known as Thai-style rolled ice cream, it's the same treat that was pioneered in Dallas by Chills360, which made its debut in Deep Ellum at 2622 Elm St. in 2016. Chills360 has enjoyed a wide expansion with locations opening in all your hot towns: Fort Worth, Grapevine, Prosper, Rockwall, Waco, even Houston.

Let's Roll opened its first location on MacArthur Boulevard in Irving in late 2017, then followed that with a second location in Carrollton in spring 2018.

Its menu includes a make-your-own option in which you choose your ice cream "base" from vanilla, chocolate, coffee, mango, birthday cake, or matcha green tea.

You pick a mix-in ingredient such as Oreos, graham crackers, blueberries, brownies, pound cake, banana, or peanut-butter. They smash that together on the ice disc and roll it up.

You get your choice of three toppings such as sprinkles, coconut, almonds, gummy bears, and so on, plus a sauce such as chocolate or caramel.

You can also choose one of their pre-set specials, or else get your ice cream as part an ice cream sandwich, made on a plain or glazed doughnut.

Is it an odd decision for a landlord to go with a second rolled ice cream shop in a neighborhood as small as Deep Ellum? Possibly, but Deep Ellum does have multiples of concepts such as pizza, ramen, and even other ice cream shops such as Twisted Treats.

And let's not forget that Let's Roll will open directly across the street from Wild About Harry's, the custard shop that just closed mere days ago. Ice cream rolls out, ice cream rolls in.