New Day for Banh Shop

Yum! Brands introduces new star-less logo for Banh Shop

Yum! Brands introduces new star-less logo for Banh Shop

Yum! Brands' banh mi sandwich concept, Banh Shop, has emerged with a new logo that was designed with the help of some friends.

"After listening and responding to our customers, we have changed the logo for the Banh Shop restaurant in Dallas," said a company spokeswoman in a statement.

The shop's original logo featured a star, which offended some members of the Vietnamese-American community, who were reminded of painful memories of the Communist takeover of Saigon. In a short time, the logo became a cause for the community, prompting Thanh Cung, president of the Vietnamese-American Community of Greater Dallas, to launch a petition requesting that the logo be redesigned.

Cung served as a consultant on the new logo, according to Yum!

"The new design, created with input from Mr. Thanh Cung, incorporates an accent over the letter 'a' and is simple and clean, using a black and white contemporary design," the statement reads.

"While unintentional, we certainly see how use of a red star was offensive to some, and we've eliminated it from the design and apologize to anyone who may have been offended," it continued. "We greatly appreciate the feedback from the community and look forward to serving our customers delicious banh mi sandwiches."

The new logo will be used on all signage, menu, uniforms and other marketing material, including the restaurant's website.

Banh Shop in Dallas
New logo for Banh Shop. Yum!