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New backyard bar with tacos next door stakes a plot in Fair Park Dallas

New backyard bar with tacos next door stakes plot in Fair Park Dallas

Parry Ave.
They're keeping the original sign. Photo courtesy of Parry Ave.

Backyard bars are all the rage but finding a backyard inside city limits isn't always easy. Enter Parry Ave., a new bar and outdoor hangout opening at 4300 Parry Ave., right next to Bo-Leo's Taco Shack, the taqueria that opened in August.

Owners are Marc Hooper and Trent Nabors, who also own Bo-Leo's, plus Rigo Rangel. They saw the opportunity for synergy in having a fun bar and outdoor space with a taqueria next door.

"It's a building that was empty, next to Bo-Leo's," Nabors says. "It's an older building that's been a bunch of things — a neighborhood grocery store, a liquor store, a laundromat. The whole area is 10,000 square feet, which creates a wonderful backyard patio garden."

They've built a breezeway that runs between the taqueria and bar, that forms an official entry to the back yard.

"It's like the tunnel leading into a football stadium, with Bo-Leo's on one side and Parry Ave. on the other," he says. "Once you walk through breezeway, the whole back yard opens up before you."

Decor is rustic, with lots of found materials, including reclaimed wood they found from a ranch, and a couple of containers for a stage, where they'll have live music during the day.

One great asset that came with the building is an adjacent parking lot. "Having parking is important, and we're adding a row of bike racks," he says.

The name comes from a vintage "Parry Ave." sign that was left behind, which he's keeping as a nod to the past.

The bar will be pretty straightforward but with a few modern twists, including cocktails on tap and 15 beer taps on the wall.

That said, he's going for a family-friendly vibe, with root beer floats and a chalkboard where kids can draw.

They're planning on a January opening, but are introducing the space with a "Bro's and Bo-Leo's Red River Shootout Watch Party at Parry Ave" event on October 12.

"It's two minutes from Deep Ellum and three minutes from Lakewood," he says. "We're hoping to make this a destination, where you can come have a beer, and if you want tacos, they're right there."