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2 new climbing gyms will open in North Dallas and the Design District

2 new climbing gyms will open in North Dallas and the Design District

Planet Granite
Climbing has been in the news thanks to the Olympics. Courtesy photo

UPDATE: Movement will open at 10 am Saturday, October 9.


A climbing gym that's been in the works for The Hill in Dallas is still happening, but under a new name and with a new timetable.

The new facility is called Movement, and will feature world-class bouldering under natural light, with a yoga studio, expansive weights and fitness area, a full line-up of introductory and advanced climbing classes, and a gear shop complete with expert advice.

According to a release, it'll open in October.

It'll go into the space at 8021 Walnut Hill Ln. and will be the first of two planned indoor climbing facilities for Dallas from El Cap, which owns a nationwide network of indoor climbing facilities that also include Earth Treks and Planet Granite.

Movement gyms feature bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing, as well as amenities like yoga studios, functional fitness, cardio zones, and climbing gear shops. Each facility caters to participants of all abilities – from competitive athletes to weekend adventurers and families.

The world of climbing continues to grow, with more than 500 gyms in the U.S. dedicated to rock climbing, plus hundreds more impromptu climbing walls in rec centers and retail stores.

Climbing has also earned some attention due to the Tokyo Olympics, with popular American competitors such as Kyra Condie and Brooke Raboutou.

Movement replaces the Planet Granite concept that was originally announced for the space in late 2019 and slated to open in 2020. According to a spokesperson, Planet Granite wasn't ever able to open due to the pandemic.

"It's now officially opening and the Planet Granite name was changed to Movement in alignment with their Denver and Chicago gyms," the spokesperson says.

The new gym will will take over the space that was home to Candytopia, and before that, TreeHouse, the green home improvement company. It'll be one of two facilities opening in Dallas, says Movement Director Matt Hopkins.

"We are extremely excited to be part of the community at The Hill and look forward to offering a space for everyone to gather and share adventures," Hopkins says. "And we have plans to enhance the community by opening a second facility in early 2022 in the iconic Design District."

Is this a good time to mention the membership sale? They're doing a pre-opening membership sale. Maybe they need petty cash to finish out the interior.

Standard membership rates are $82 a month or $902 annually, with student and family discounts available (oh sure, punish the single people who have the good sense not to spawn!). But the sale price — which they say extends through 2021 or "until the day before they open" — is $55 a month or $750 for the year.

Their sale page also says "no initiation fee," which is very prototypical gym stuff, that whole initiation fee scam, why do you need to pay a fee to join a club; on the other hand, maybe it weeds out the deadbeats.