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Dallas Park & Recreation reopens tennis courts and golf courses on May 1

Dallas Parks reopens tennis courts and golf courses on May 1

Fair Oaks Tennis Center court Dallas
Fair Oaks Tennis Center in Dallas, let the singles action begin. Courtesy photo

Despite an unsettling spike in coronavirus cases on April 26, the city of Dallas is reopening its golf courses, tennis centers, and other outdoor sporting facilities on May 1.

This includes Elm Fork Range, the shooting gallery, and some outdoor fee-based programs, all of which will resume operations, but with some restrictions on usage.

Dallas Park and Recreation operates six 18-hole golf courses, five full-service tennis centers, and the Elm Fork Range.

A release says that the department will take a phased approach to reopening select recreational facilities, such as only allowing singles play on tennis courts located in city parks. No doubles! That should keep us safe.

May 1 is the same day that restaurants are allowed to reopen, as well as malls and movie theaters, thanks to a dippy decree from the state of Texas.

Facilities must observe physical distancing as well as sanitary protocols, as follows:

Golf Courses
• Allow only one golfer per cart unless the other rider is a child aged 10 or under
• Restrict tee time reservations to online or by phone only – no walkups
• Restrict tee times to group sizes of foursomes (four players at a time) only
• Restrict access to the pro shops to pro shop staff only and no more than four customers at a time
• Golf pros will clean and sanitize carts after each rental and before being checked out

Tennis Centers
• Restrict access to the pro shop to no more than two players at a time
• Pros will clean and sanitize rental equipment between users

Elm Fork Gun Range
• Place 6’ markings for points where lines form
• Open only every other shooting lane for rental – providing for greater than 6’ of distancing
• Remove group seating areas
• Allow for call-in food orders only

Outdoor Programs (e.g. Fitness Camps)
• Provide a minimum of 12' between participants with clearly identified workout locations
• Ensure equipment is wiped down and sanitized after each user and before issuing to the next participant

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