Mexican Food Ascension

Mico goes for more with Mesero Miguel restaurant in old Cuba Libre space

Mico goes for more with Mesero Miguel restaurant in old Cuba Libre

Mesero restaurant in Dallas
Mesero Miguel's menu includes a section dedicated solely to tacos. Photo courtesy of Mesero
Salsas at Mesero Miguel restaurant in Dallas
Mesero Miguel will feature the same finely tuned salsas served at Mr. Mesero. Photo courtesy of Mesero Miguel
Mesero restaurant in Dallas
Salsas at Mesero Miguel restaurant in Dallas

The time is almost here for more Mico. Dallas restaurateur Mico Rodriguez, having shown he's back in the game with Mr. Mesero on McKinney Avenue, is readying his expansion with a spin-off called Mesero Miguel. Like Mr. Mesero but bigger and bolder, it's going into the old Cuba Libre space, in the thick of Henderson Avenue.

The space was most recently occupied by Alma, a similar-sounding, high-end Mexican concept that was attempted there by restaurateur Tristan Simon. Can Mico succeed where Tristan could not? We'll find out soon; opening date is targeted for September 16.

The menu, which got a consult from chef Jon Stevens, is huge and broken into some atypical categories. The starter section includes subsets such as "snacks" and "crispy." There's a section for ceviches, tacos, and soups and salads, dubbed "light and bright."

The larger entree area is divided into Mexican items versus grill, which includes steak, all the way up to a Prime grade New York strip for $47.

The nontraditional menu organization is not all that stands out. Ingredients are distinctive, such as prickly pear broth, pickled mango, maitake mushrooms and the "a" word: arugula. Arugula is a yes.

Table Snacks
La rosa pistola, seared scallops, warm coconut & prickly pear broth 14
Queso Miguel, spinach, hearts of palm & roasted poblano 11
Crushed avocado “aquacate” & roasted tomatillos 10
Nachos, beef brisket, black beans, avocado, pickled mango & crema 11
Maine lobster “hand rolls,” garlic chili butter & charred lemon 15

White shrimp, avocado, tomato & serrano chili 11
Diver scallop, pineapple habanero, coconut, avocado & cilantro 13
Alaskan halibut, watermelon, citrus & herbs 13
Maine lobster, four citrus & cucumber 15

Light & Bright
Sweet corn soup, crispy corn, cotija cheese & lime 7
Jumbo lump crab, butter lettuce, cucumber, Marconas & creamy herb dressing 13
White shrimp “taco” salad, roasted tomato, avocado & blue cheese poblano dressing 12
Heirloom tomato salad, shaved shallots, house ricotta, sherry vinaigrette & herbs 10

Crispy & Crunchy
Lump crab fritters, sweet corn & herb aioli 13
Calamari, green tomato marmalade, chiles & arugula 12
Potatoes “bravas,” Serrano ham & pimenton aioli 9

Masa & Tortillas
Spicy pork sausage flatbread, mushrooms, cilantro pesto & arugula 13
Beef brisket tacos, vinegar slaw, tomatillo salsa & gravy 11
Alaskan halibut tacos, crispy or griddled, pickled vegetables & cilantro aioli 15
Duck confit crispy tacos, caramelized onions & green tomato marmalade 13

Mexican Menu
Braised pork “chili seco,”peppers, mushroom & cilantro cream 16
Range chicken “la brasa,” chipotle cheddar grits, pickled red onions & arugula 16
Fried rice “la china,” cilantro shrimp, crispy pork, mushrooms & fried egg 16
Short ribs, guaillo cotija grits, stewed tomatoes, pickled red onions & arugula 19
Wagyu sirloin “carne asada” cocoa heirloom tomatoes & avocado salad 24
Mexican combination plates (pick any two) with rice and beans 12
Cheese enchilada, tomatillo chicken enchilada, chicken mole enchilada, tacos de chorizo, tacos de asado, brisket taco

Off the Grill
Wagyu steak burger, cheddars, tomato, crispy onions & bacon 13
Range chicken pailliard, maitake mushrooms, arugula & dried fruits 14
Redfish, roasted heirloom tomatoes, scallion, coconut rice 22
Alaskan halibut, new onion stew, buttermilk potatoes & charred lemon 26
Prime beef tenderloin, crispy onions, lacinato kale salad & chimichurri 33
Prime NY strip, bacon confit Yukon potato hash & tamarind thyme gastrique 47
Bone-in rib-eye, loaded Yukon baked potatoes & peppercorn butter 41
Double-cut pork chop, white corn pudding & crispy corn fritter 29

Seasonal Additions
Sweet corn, smoked bacon, jalapeno & cojia 6
Lacinato kale salad pickled vegetables and quinoa 8
Brussels sprouts, crispy pork & spicy sweet salsa 7
Baked Yukon potatoes “loaded” bacon and cilantro cream 7
Buttermilk Yukon potatoes caramelized onions and scallions 5

Sweets 8
Cinco leches
Coconut pie
S'more ice cream sandwich