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New restaurant concept on Dallas' Greenville Avenue slings tacos and wings

New restaurant on Dallas' Greenville Avenue slings tacos and wings

Saint Taco
The ingredients are made from scratch. Photo courtesy of Saint Taco

The good news is, there's a fresh new taqueria open on Dallas' Greenville Avenue. Called Saint Taco, it's located at 5323 Greenville Ave., where it's serving breakfast tacos, street tacos, Tex-Mex staples, and wings.

The not-so-good news: It replaces BBBop Seoul Kitchen, which has been serving upscale quick-serve Korean comfort food at that location for more than a decade.

But things change, especially since COVID-19. And really, this just follows the lead set at the original BBBop in Carrollton, which was transformed into a taqueria in 2013 (under the name Tacoria Tacos, but they've now rebranded to Saint Taco).

And BBBop hasn't disappeared. If you're craving one of their bibimbop rice bowls, you can order their menu on a takeout basis from a ghost kitchen at that location, or else visit the BBB Bop location in Oak Cliff.

"We first started doing tacos in Carrollton, and it did really well," says co-owner Steve Shin. "When it came time to renew our lease on Greenville, we decided to take the opportunity to start anew. With everything that's going on with COVID right now, a taqueria seemed to make much better sense. Tacos are so much more deliverable. We had this concept in our back pocket and decided, why not do it here and now when it's doing well in this climate?"

The menu at Saint Taco includes breakfast tacos and breakfast burritos, combining egg with choice of bacon, sausage, chorizo, potato, chicke, carnitas, or barbacoa.

There are street tacos which you can order solo or on a plate with rice and beans. Other Mex menu items include enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas, and tortas.

And keeping in line with what is doing well these days, there are also wings in varying levels of heat and flavors including ranch and garlic parmesan.

Sides include fries, queso fries, and loaded fries.

Shin says that he and his partners have a passion for tacos and have always enjoyed seeking out the best — "even though we're two Asian guys doing tacos," he says. "If I walked into a taqueria and saw Asian guys behind the counter, I might think twice."

But they overcome that by making just about everything from scratch.

"Our veggies and guacamole are prepared fresh daily, our meats are trimmed by hand, salsa is house-made, and our refried beans are made straight from the pinto," he says.

The main thing they outsource is tortillas, from a Texas vendor they love, which they use not only for their tacos but also to make chips.