First-Day Doughnut Doozy

Glazed Donut Works in Deep Ellum sells out on first day in 90 minutes

Glazed Donut Works sells out on first day in 90 minutes

Scenes from opening day at Glazed Donut Works, the new doughnut (NOT donut!) shop in Deep Ellum, whose first day of business was August 16:

  • A line that formed as soon as the store opened at 7 am, and that was about 12 deep by 7:30 am.
  • These words uttered from people in line: "I can't wait to post this on my blog." ... "This isn't even on Yelp yet?!" ... "OH MY GOD IT HAS BACON ON IT"
  • A staff that did not anticipate the fact that a line would begin forming as soon as the store opened at 7 am. One unfortunate guy was tasked with taking your order, filling your order and ringing it up.
  • At least two order-ers who said, "One of every kind but the vegan one." The vegan was a golden doughnut with a thick, pale glaze. But god forbid that a vegan item cross their lips, or that they possess the culinary and/or intellectual curiosity to try something not jacked up with cream or eggs.

By about 8:30 am, 90 minutes after opening, Glazed was sold out. They posted an apology on their Facebook page, promised to post Saturday's menu soon, and encouraged patrons to email for advance orders.

"We are SHOCKED to have sold out completely in 90 minutes this morning," the Facebook post reads. "We produced over 500 donuts and simply never thought we would sell out."

Prices run from $1 to $4, with a menu that is heavy on fruit glazes, chocolate, and rich items like peanut butter. People seemed unfazed by the line. If anything, being in line validates your experience. If you're unsure on your own whether something is really good or not, then waiting in line is an affirmation that you've made the right decision.

Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern enjoyed a similar avalanche on its opening day. It is unquestionably a positive thing that people are willing to enthusiastically support a new independently held business. But is foodie mania taking over Dallas?

Glazed Donut Works, Deep Ellum
Raspberry doughnut from Glazed is a chocolate doughnut with raspberry glaze infused with Chambord, whipped cream and a fresh raspberry. Photo courtesy of Glazed Donut Works
Glazed Donut Works, vegan doughnut
Glazed Donut Works' lineup includes these perfectly appetizing vegan doughnuts. Come on, people! Glazed Donut Works