Lights Out for Longtime Restaurant

Humperdinks shuts down Richardson restaurant after 23 years

Humperdinks shuts down Richardson restaurant after 23 years

Humperdinks, the sports bar-restaurant chain with five locations around Dallas, now has only four. The Richardson location off US 75 closed May 30 after more than 20 years at that location.

That leaves restaurants in Addison, Arlington, Greenville Avenue and Northwest Highway.

"Richardson closed last week," confirmed an employee at the branch on Greenville Avenue. "The lease was up in May, and from what I understand, the landlord wants to bring in something more upscale."

However, another staffer said that the closure had more to do with the store's tepid performance. "It's been set to close for about a year," the staffer said.

The first Humperdinks opened on Greenville Avenue in 1976. Richardson was the fourth, followed by the Arlington branch at Six Flags which opened in 1995. That's also when the chain began brewing their own beer. The Greenville Avenue and Northwest Highway locations have an in-house brewery but Addison does not, and neither did Richardson.

"Having the brewery really helps us," said a server at the Northwest Highway branch.

Richardson was a kind of beachhead for customers who'd come of age at the Greenville Avenue branch before moving to the suburbs.

Humperdink's burger & beer
After more than 20 years, Humperdinks said goodbye to Richardson on May 30. Photo courtesy of Humperdinks